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About Us

KI Investment LLC provides services worldwide. We are one of the biggest stocks and options trading communities with a professional team providing analysis and alerts. Our goal is to filter out the noise, answer your questions, and improve your trading habits.


Being part of a strong community is in our DNA.

“KI Investment LLC” is named after Ki Japanese word, which is often translated as spirit or energy.

We will help you to make better decisions by sharing our expertise. Our team of experts will post trading ideas based on their research: functional analysis (FA), technical analysis (TA), sentiment analysis (SA), and much more, so you will have more information available when trading.

Join us now and be part of a professional community that will make your day trading easier!


What We Offer

  • Multiple trading alerts and ideas per day

  • Follow up during market hours

  • Stock market insights and research (Patreon articles)

  • Access to a community with real traders sharing ideas

  • Public channels with educational videos, books, and podcasts



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Risk Disclaimer

The trading alerts and ideas do not constitute investment advice. You should contact your personal financial advisor before carrying out specific transactions and investments.

Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and that at the end of the day you acknowledge that your final trading/investing decision is at your own discretion.


Our team always tries our best to provide great alerts so you can make a profit from them!


Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.


Your trading/investing performance is at your own risk.

We are not responsible for any loss that you may incur from any of our alerts.